What To Do With The Progressive Coalition?

I want to acknowledge two things about my particular brand of radical politics.

Firstly, I don’t believe any of us truly knows what we are doing when it comes to organizing. We have no idea if what we will do will work. We can’t begin to comprehend the possible outcomes of our actions. As my friend Phan once said, “I’ve never stopped a war before… ”

Secondly, I believe people’s politics are fluid and that it is possible for anyone to become a radical.

The point is that there is a world of possibility, knowing this, I think our strategies should be thought experiments, constantly reconsidered but providing us with at least some sense of direction.

With that, I will raise a question and then leave it aside for a future post, “Are anarchists part of the progressive coalition? Should we/they be?”

Continuing, the divisive techniques of the Obama campaign, movement,  administration, whatever, directed toward the left may have a present embedded in them. That is that jettisoning a large part of the progressive left could further disenchant this segment with Democratic politics and we get another Nader 2000 scenario in electoral politics.

I’m beginning to think that a coalition with potential does not necessarily include the center left, but rather a sizable number of a disowned progressive left, as above, disenchanted with the prospect of liberalism.

Now to directly confront the three major talking points of “pragmatic” Obama supporters. The fact that he is not president yet, so stop criticizing him,  that he sets policy not his cabinet picks, and “he’s not just your president.”

The great thing about the “he’s not president yet” quip is that it has an expiration date, Jan 20, 2008, thats not to far off. My advice is just to ignore it, cause we know it will go away.

And to the notion that he sets policy not his cabinet picks: a) he picks his initial cabinet picks, they’re not being forced upon him and b) the seemingly contradictory fact that most of them have to be confirmed. So its a weird blend of democracy and not, based in the fact that the president is supposedly accountable to us.

To the third, you’re right he’s not my president.


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