On “Stay Sick…”

I’ve been getting some feedback saying the name of this blog is confusing so let me attempt to answer.

I began writing this during a time of psychological duress, a bout of depression and post traumatic stress. It was from this point that I began to unwind my own radicalism as both a politics and a state of mind. The original subtitle was testament to this: “radical politics and mental health”.

The title “STAY SICK” was to attach the two in a meaningful way in a reference to an album by The Cramps.

The subtitle changed to “revolutionary politics and mental health” noting a shift in thought and a more marked anarchist identification on my part. When I found my parents reading it, I inexplicably changed it to “a revolution in mental health”.

It then transformed into its current incarnation, dropping “mental health” and adding a reference to the Beatles. While working around the RNC in Minneapolis my identity as a revolutionary became self-effacing, as I was more and more around hardline anarchists, populist communists, and those weird Maoist types.

Always one for irony in political movements, I began singing (poorly) the first few lines to the Beatles’ “Revolution” over and over again. As I eventually rose out of this and began to think more strategically, it became less self-effacing and more like a challenge.

You say you want a revolution, Now What?

PS: While in a lot of ways I have ceased to speak about mental health in radical and revolutionary politics, I have found that formulating strategies as series of thought experiments helps me to step out of the mental morass I once found myself in. In other words, this blog helps me keep my head correct while staying sick in other ways.

PS II: it occurs to me that the title “STAY SICK” may just be a way to snag all of the Foucaultians.

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