On the Bill Ayers Op-Ed

Bill Ayers, formerly of the Weather Underground (AKA the only social movement Barack Obama didn’t attempt to appopriate), had this editorial printed in the New York Times today.

Looking at the editorially recommended comments we can see two things:

The first is glaring hypocrisy on the subject of violence.

The second is a gross misinterpretation of the rise of right wing (not necessarily capitalist) power.

Addressing the first, I’m willing to unscientifically wager that most of these people believe in the legitimacy of police and prisons, less but many of them support Barack Obama’s foreign policy and military intervention in Darfur, and many less of them are ideological pacifists.

This shows the necessity of using state violence as a wedge issue, placing the onus of legitimizing the most naked form of state power on its propagators. The least that we can hope to come out of this re-framing is non-cooperation with state power.

The second issue shows a blindness to the history and geography of right wing power in a way that gives, in my opinion, middle class white militants too much credit. I’m going to assert that the black liberation movement, had the greatest revolutionary effect on American society and that its power influenced further revolutionary movement and radicalization in the US and abroad.

As capital began fleeing the urban US for abroad, White populations began to further restructure our relationship to the urban by means of white flight and moving to the suburbs. This combined with the Southern Strategy reflects the geography of right wing power as responding the effectiveness of black liberation in upsetting the prior racist paradigm.

We should remember that the most highly charged issue in this prior election was race, a factor that Obama denied and disowned even more fervently than political radicalism.

PS: I wonder if Evil Twin Booking got him that Op-Ed.. If so, Kudos.

PS II: looking at the non editorially selected comments, one gets a fairly different feel. A bit more polarized.

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