Love Me, I’m A Liberal

Fucking liberals.

I am SO down with it remaining a slur, and for not purely sectarian reasons.

While the article above does a good job of problematizing what the term “progressive” really means, I think the term does a good job as a euphemism for an alliance of folks on the left. From communists and some anarchists to non-explicitly-ideological folks like Glenn Greenwald and Amy Goodman. Euphemistic as it is, I believe it is a good rhetorical tool for folks to play with. As in a previous discussion, naming one’s self and one’s movement creates a certain sense of solidarity even across ideological lines.

2 responses to “Love Me, I’m A Liberal

  1. “… This is another one of the reasons I dislike the term “progressive.” Why should I call myself by the name preferred by deluded radicals who despised the New Deal and the Great Society liberals I admire? Why share a label with anyone who romanticized Ho Chi Minh or Fidel Castro?”

  2. ho ho ho chi minh, nlf is gonna win!

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