The Press, Political Process, and Boredom

I’ve said for a little while that the worst thing radical politics can do for itself is be fucking boring (for an example see Subterranean Fire by Sharon Smith by my heroes at Haymarket Books).

I want to use boredom as a pivot point to discuss the role that the press takes in modern political dialogue. This is grounded in my experiences in the direct action campaigns at the Port of Olympia and my summer working as the press coordinator for the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign. Actually, it is more grounded in watching and reading news reports on those actions (and similar ones surrounding the flailing economy).

Shit is boring. 

It’s definitely not boring.

More than render a false picture of what happens on the ground journalists regularly delete action and emotion from their reportage. Its news as your 8th grade history class.

What is starting to frustrate me now is the way the left hangs on every little word of the week’s and days events, commenting on every new development in Obama’s transition staff, every piece of data on the economic crisis. Perhaps its just me and my little view from the internet, but it seems like much of the american radical community rather than formulating larger critiques and strategies to move us forward, is endlessly gnawing all the juice out of each of these bits, AS IF WE TRUST THESE FUCKERS IN THE FIRST PLACE.

The utter banality of day to day critique of the ruling class sure as hell keeps a lot of bloggers busy, and writers paid, but does not do much to move us. As such I would like to see America radical journalism radically reconfigured and put to a truly productive use.

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