Prop 8 and Racism

Its really disturbing how the media echo chamber can produce talking points that end up in people’s speech without ever having to reference the original report.

Case in point, the recent racist meme about black voters in California somehow bearing responsibility for the passage of Prop 8. The morning of November 5th I heard what would be the first in a series of arguments and counter arguments stating this case. 

“Barack Obama mobilized black voters, who are heavily homophobic so Prop 8 won!”

There is so much wrapped up in that statement, and so much already written dissecting this (here, here, here, here and here) that I don’t have a prayer of effectively treading the same territory.  

What I do want to do is watch the way the racist meme is picked up cynically by the right. Seriously, listen to Tony Perkins in this video, he pulls it up at least twice. First with a reference to Black Churches, and then referencing Latinos. They are watching. Divide and conquer.

PS: Dan Savage has been far from perfect in this debate.

PS II: This has hardly been the first crypto-racist meme around the elections.

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