Travelling Woes, Mental Health Update



So, due to some rescheduling, it looks as if my trip is going to be over in the next few weeks. This means that I have to come up with a plan for the winter.

I have missed several things while on the road. The first is being able to take time to myself, and not feel like I had to be doing something, simply because I was travelling. This is compounded with not really having any space to myself, apart from a three week stint in Texas I have been sharing rooms and sleeping on floors and couches.

The second thing I’ve missed is the feeling of coherant community though a hearty counterbalance is that in each of the places I have been it has been with a close friend. Meeting folks friends and discovering similar networks has also been awesome.

I also forgot about daylight savings and seasonal depression which has come back in little bits over the past few days.

So the thing is, I’ve had a good trip but am I ready to go home? Or somewhere?

Not really.

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