Daily Archives: November 8, 2008

“It’s Like the Sixties Without the Acid”


Or the revolutionary politics.

But less cynically, the atmosphere on Tuesday night was incredible. Spontaneous street parties, intersection takeovers, lamp post and statue climbing, at least here in New York. I hear in Williamsburg they actually threw bottles at cops.

All of this marks something new and hopeful for me in the state of politics. We have a huge number of hightly politicized youth. Obama’s rhetoric draws heavily on various social movements, chants of “yes we can” all around that night. In fact, “yes we can” is a fucking good slogan and as much as it just sort of sits out there not attached to anything real (in Obama’s case) we can reappropriate it.

Travelling Woes, Mental Health Update



So, due to some rescheduling, it looks as if my trip is going to be over in the next few weeks. This means that I have to come up with a plan for the winter.

I have missed several things while on the road. The first is being able to take time to myself, and not feel like I had to be doing something, simply because I was travelling. This is compounded with not really having any space to myself, apart from a three week stint in Texas I have been sharing rooms and sleeping on floors and couches.

The second thing I’ve missed is the feeling of coherant community though a hearty counterbalance is that in each of the places I have been it has been with a close friend. Meeting folks friends and discovering similar networks has also been awesome.

I also forgot about daylight savings and seasonal depression which has come back in little bits over the past few days.

So the thing is, I’ve had a good trip but am I ready to go home? Or somewhere?

Not really.