Daily Archives: November 6, 2008


Not this. Radicals should not do this.

Now, a caveat. Firstly, I found out tonight that Nader is an Arab-American, probably benefits from light skin privilege but this complicates the racist charge a little bit. Second, we have reason to be suspicious when Fox News starts calling people out on their racism. Third, maybe thats a defensible position? Maybe? I dunno.

Regardless, I paraphrase a friend here, we should not be the endless bummer. Seriously, radical organizing and agitation isn’t (to me) about constantly pointing out that folks are wrong. Preliminarily, I believe we should keep our healthy skepticism, and be an everflowing fount of questions and ideas for action, not simply¬† “speaking truth” or whatever the fuck that means.

Also, definitely not this.

Back to break.


If folks couldn’t tell already, I’m in the midst of a brief break. In addition to finishing my last lot of schoolwork, I was barred from entering the NYU library (where I had been doing most of my work and writing my updates) as I am not a student and NYU is a “private” university.

I am using this opportunity to reflect on the recent political changing of the guard, and to begin preliminary notes on how radicals should respond to the political climate, amongst other things.