Daily Archives: October 31, 2008

Yupres: the new revolutionary class

Yupres, the young urban pre-professional. Defined here by my associate at VentriloquismNYC.

Job descriptions for internships read like the descriptions for real jobs; the only differences are the employees (students) and the pay (shit). Anyone taking these positions would be subject to the same demands placed on employees (producing original content, editorial work, etc), and their work would generate income in some form, yet often their only hope for advancement comes in the form of a rec letter or a resume bullet.

Now, now, I know that most of y’all thought that the revolutionary class was some outmoded classification like labor, or people of color, or some other oppressed bunch, but follow me here.

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FOUND! the New York Times and Me Pt 3: integrity

Woah. So this is the internet.

Even though this thing ain’t exactly salon.com, I’ve been found. Still mulling over what exactly this means.

Cave: hi ——-, i just happened to discover your blog where you posted our email correspondence and suggested that my story was both poorly written, and questioned whether i could be trusted (what you don’t like my florida shirt?).
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