Something To Blockade

if boards were people

if boards were people

Several posts ago I asked the question, isn’t there something to blockade?*

Well apart from EVERYTHING, a spark was ignited tonight.


Seriously, people should not be evicted from housing, it being a human right (Article 25) and all. It used to be that if your credit situation was terrible enough you could fairly easily file bankruptcy and maintain your primary residence. Not any more. In 2005 a new law raised the price of filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy raising the cost by a factor 2-3. This forced more people to file chapter 13.

From Business Week

By contrast, the new law was designed to protect creditors. For one thing, only low-income borrowers can file for Chapter 7, which wipes out debts. The amended law pushes more people into Chapter 13, which forces households to accept 3-5 year repayment plans on all debts—secured and unsecured. In other words, they’re still trying to make payments on car, credit card, medical, and other bills that used to be discharged in Chapter 7. That makes meeting the mortgage more onerous. Filing for Chapter 13 temporarily halts foreclosure proceedings, but the protection only lasts as long as the borrower is making mortgage payments.

So in effect the repeal of this has no effect on the credit crisis, but does take away the right to maintain access to your home. Before, the banks would get paid back, while most of your other debt would get erased, and you would stay in your home. Now, the bank gets paid back, if you can, while you are paying most of your other stuff, and you get kicked out of your house. But only if you can’t afford to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Which is why we should defend our houses or assist others in defending theirs.

*the question was actually “Isn’t there something I can blockade. Maybe I’m just doing this.

Update: Joe Biden voted for the Bill along with Harry Reid some other high ranking Democrats, and ALL the Republicans, John McCain included. Along with these folks in the house.

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