It’s Their 700 Billion Dollar Mistake (if we make it their’s)



They don’t know they just made a mistake. If the house passes the bill, it means the bill has to work. People know they are getting scammed, as evidenced by Monday’s House vote. We need to make sure, in the face of a massive propaganda blitz, that we hold the folks accountable that asked for the bailout and those who legislated it. They all must go.

In other news: I was thinking that we might MIGHT MIGHT get hit with a “terrorist” attack between now and the election because of this and this. The first link goes to an Army Times story about the deployment of a homeland brigade, the second is a Reuters story about the revision of DOJ rules governing spying on U.S. citizens. I’m now thinking it is going to be further meltdown of the economy and the need of a steady hand to lead it, a la Bloomberg.

Cmon, I’m about to be robbed, let me have my paranoia.

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