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Seriously y'all, I feel powerless

Seriously y'all, I feel powerless

A Trilli A Trilli A Trilli A Trilli A Trilli Trilli

I know I’ve been down on the power of the left (or post left or what have you) in the past couple of posts, but I want to maybe start a strategy discussion about what we could possibly do.

First of all, maybe find some creative ways to break through the media blackout on why the more progressive members of congress didn’t vote on it, like Dennis Kucinich, TX Rep. Lloyd Dogget and most of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Second, find an alternative plan and support it.

Third, and in the long run most importantly, use this as a teaching tool to show what most of the Dems, the Republican leadership, and the Bush Administration want to do with your money, show that most of them are just free market opportunists and don’t actually have any ideological commitment.

I’m the last person to support just calling or congressman and dropping the protests, but unless we can do something really quickly and really large we just look silly.