Radical Road Trip

I am on the Minnesota Statewide Poverty Tour with PPEHRC. We are hitting 20 communities in 22 days collecting documentation of economic human rights violations. Went to one of the poorest reservations yesterday, did some impromptu outreach at Taco Bell this afternoon, and am going to the only reservation that is its own sovereign nation in a few days. We have been blowing up the local papers, and on the international scene al-Jazeera is calling.

Activities can be found here.

In other news, it seems as if Tacoma has wound down, but not without one tasing and some crazy anarchists.

One response to “Radical Road Trip

  1. i hope that the march is going well– congrats on the contact from al-jazeera!

    you broke my heart a little bit in minneapolis when you said, “i’ll see you down the line.” i hope it’s sooner than all that.

    good luck with everything and keep me posted. i’ll be reading rabidly– and maybe panicking a little at the lack of updates come september.

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