Daily Archives: July 24, 2008

Peace Teams and Parades

Up here in Minneapolis I am being subjected to much political trash that the rest of the caring country won’t have to deal with until late August and the run-up to the RNC.

I don’t understand a whole lot of the anti-war “movement” these days which largely vacillates between vigils and shows of force in large permitted anti-war marches. The weirder of these groups are promoting some vague notion of peace. These folks overlap with the still vague “peace and justice” coalitions and some broad notion of progressivism.

The peace folks have planned a “Peace Island” conference overlapping with the RNC, which to my eyes look more like a way to will peace into place than to find viable ways of stopping the physical mechanations of war, whether counter-recruitment or civil resistance. They talk about recycling.

On the other end and in cooperation with the do-gooders planning the conference is the Minnesota Peace Team. This looks like the more “militant” wing, though I’m sure they would disagree with me. Their mission statement reads:

The Minnesota Peace Team (MnPT) is a group of people trained in nonviolent techniques who serve to protect life and human rights in potentially violent situations.  We do this by reducing fear, bringing an attitude of openness and respect for all, increasing trust through relationships, and at times by being a presence or barrier in a physical conflict.

The Minnesota Peace Team is nonpartisan, we protect people on all sides of a dispute from physical violence.   We do not interfere with civil rights, do not protect property, and do not enforce laws.  The Minnesota Peace Team affirms human dignity by training Minnesotans in nonviolent techniques and responding to community requests to be present in potentially volatile situations.

Direct action for peace anyone?

This is a self-appointed body. of people who cooperate with the feds.